We Won!

Cumberland News article:


Sustainable Carlisle and Brampton Food Network have won 2nd place in a national prize.

We have been selected from over 110 groups across the county, and have won £5,000 prize to develop our project:


The aim of the project is to connect buying groups with food producers within 30 miles of Carlisle.

“We will provide the Carlisle community with access to good quality, good value and convenient local food”.

We have six buying groups rearing to get started in businesses and organisations across the city.

We have developed an on-line ordering system which allows members of the groups to browse and order the local food they want.

Local producers tell us they can give good value for money: Organic farmer David James from Bothel, near Cockermouth: “Many of my cuts of lamb are cheaper than those I see on the supermarket shelf, it is just having a mechanism to get them to the person 20 miles down the road in Carlisle, who wants to eat it- that’s the problem.”

As world food prices are set to hit record highs this year, local food will become increasingly important in our lives. Through coordinated buying groups; ‘Fair Food Carlisle’ will provide working people and communities with an alternative to the current supermarket dominance, supporting the local economy and helping to create a sustainable city for the future.



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