Fair food Carlisle is now delivering local food to 6 work place buying groups around Carlisle.

The members of these groups are all ordering on a weekly or fortnightly basis using our new on-line ordering software.

Get involved:

We are packing and sorting the local produce at our new unit on James street in Carlisle.

To do this we need volunteers for 2 hours on a Tuesday morning – from 10am till 12.

If you are interested in helping us – please get in touch. This is good fun, and we will pay expenses of £5 per hour.


We are making sure our systems are working efficiently for the next few weeks, then Fair Food Carlisle hopes to expand the number of workplaces, organisations or community groups involved in the scheme.

We want to expand rapidly over this year so we can truly start to have an impact on Carlisle’s food economy.



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