May 10, 2020

Best ACs in India below Rs 30000

By Raman kumar

Are you looking forward to buying a good AC? If yes, then you should check out which brands are good? There are many AC models as available, and which one would be apt for you depends upon your requirements. If you have a budget below Rs 30000, here are some options that will work well for you.

The list of ACs in India below Rs 30000

Voltas 123 CZA Split AC

Voltas 123 CZA split AC is a good AC that has some fantastic features. It is a durable AC that will remain with you for years because of the long-lasting copper coil it has. It has a good quality filter too and comes with a 5-year warranty on compressor. The price range for this AC is around Rs 26000.

Blue Star 3W18GA window AC

This AC from Blue Star is a low maintenance window AC and ensures good cooling too. It provides perfect working for a few years to come. The company has a five-year warranty on the compressor, and it can also work towards making the electricity consumption limited, and hence there would be low bills.

Godrej GIC Split Unit

If you have a budget of around Rs 29000, then this split unit from Godrej will be a good AC. It has modern inverter technology and also the best quality filter for dust prevention. There is a year warranty on AC and five years warranty on the compressor.

Voltas 123 LYI window AC

If you feel that you want an excellent AC, which has a price of less than Rs 25000, then this model from Voltas is the best one. This AC helps in reducing power consumption. Also, it has good features that can help you in keeping the room cool and comfortable.

Choose the best AC within your budget.

The above-discussed ACs are good and below the price range of Rs 30000. If you take up some research online, then you will come across a lot of options. Make the best selection out of the options as available. You should figure out what will work best for you. Always set a budget first and search for the options within that budget.

Different people have different needs. Like, for some, the power saving feature is the most important one. For some, the central importance lies in good cooling. Some people would want the latest and modern elements in their ACs. So, you can decide about the same as per your requirements.

Split AC or Window AC

Often, you may find it hard to decide which Ac would be best for you. In a budget of Rs 30000, you will be able to find the most advanced window AC. But if you can enhance the budget, then a split unit with the best features will also be available.

Before buying the AC, you will have to check out which AC’s capacity will suit your needs. The size of the room and the location of the room would be the two factors you will have to keep in mind while deciding upon the capacity of the AC.

When you invest a decent chunk of money in an AC, you should always do some homework before you buy one. You can ask your friends and relatives about which Ac is good and which one they use. You may even do some research online and find the best ACs that will suit your budget.

An AC that gives you good cooling and has good features and sits within your budget is the apt one.