June 15, 2020

Best Personal Weighing Machines In India

By Raman kumar

Are you planning to take the first step towards a healthy life? Then make sure that you invest in a good quality personal scale to keep track of your weight gain or weight loss. This weighing device is a must-have option if you are aiming at achieving personalized fitness goals. Plus, a digital weighing scale will help you know whether you are moving in the right path of fitness.

The modern weighing scales have a portable, lightweight design with advanced features to know your bodyweight precisely. With multiple choices available to choose from, we help you find the perfect ones by compiling a list with top-selling products with impressive features.

Top 10 Best Personal Weighing Machines in India for 2020

1. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic Personal Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO 18
The Hoffen digital weighing scale is fitted with the latest strain gauge sensor system with high precision to display the bodyweight accurately. The sturdy bearing platform in a glossy black color is crafted using premium-grade tempered glass. It flaunts a super slim design to facilitate quick storage. This personal scale has a large digital display panel to show the weight and temperature. This digital scale is equipped with an auto power-off feature and indicator for low battery. The digital scale can support the weight from 2.3 kg to 180 kg. It also has an indicator to alert about the overweight issue.

Price: Rs. 999

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2. HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Scale

HealthSense PS-126
The digital personal scale from the renowned brand, HealthSense flaunts a sophisticated ABS body design in grey color with rounded corners for enhanced safety. The wide platform of this scale is built with step-on technology to get activated as soon as you step on it. Engineered with four G-sensors, it assures accurate weight readings. It has a weighing capacity of 5 kg to 180 kg and sports an anti-slipping surface and skid-proof feet. The clear-lit LCD on the front features white fonts for quick readability. The readings get displayed continuously for 10 seconds, and then it shuts off automatically.

Price: Rs. 1299

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3. Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust Digital Weighing Scale
Dr. Trust digital weighing scale is powered with patented accu-gauge sensors to deliver bodyweight readings with excellent precision. It has an ultra-slim design and is crafted out of 6 mm tempered glass in a grey mirror finish. This personal scale has round edges to prevent accidental injuries while using it. The simple to read LCD with a blue backlight displays weight readings up to 180 kg along with the room temperature. This device houses a powerful battery of 500 mAh and has a USB cable for a quick recharge. It is designed with step-on technology to save on battery life and has indicators for overload and low battery.

Price: Rs. 1099

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4. MCP Deluxe Mechanical Personal Weighing Scale

MCP Deluxe Mechanical Scale
If you are looking for a personal scale with an unobtrusive design, then the MCP mechanical scale is a perfect choice. It relies on an automatic analog weighing method that saves you the trouble of replacing the battery. This weighing device flaunts a slip-resisting platform with rust-free materials, making it ideal for bathrooms. It has a maximum capacity of up to 130 kg, and the vast display with distinct demarcations of 1 kilogram each helps in better visibility. The zero adjustable knob at the side of the scale helps in setting the scale to zero before using it.

Price: Rs. 799

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5. RYLAN Digital Personal Weighing Scale

RYLAN Digital Weighing Scale
The RYLAN digital scale is a perfect choice to know your bodyweight accurately, as it is designed with four high precision sensors to provide reliable readings. Measuring a dimension of 11 X 11 inches, this scale can fit inside your rooms without using up a lot of space. Auto powers the tempered glass of 8 mm thickness in black mirror finish on/off and step-on technology to use it conveniently. The blue light LCD with white fonts can display the weight readings in lbs and kgs. It is designed with anti-skid feet for better support and has an auto-zero feature.

Price: Rs. 749

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6. Agaro WS-503B Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Agaro WS 503B
The personal weighing scale from the home of Agaro is a feature-rich product that can deliver accurate readings. It has four sensors with high-precision prowess. It offers precise, clear, and consistent readings. The large LCD with backlit feature shows weight in stone, pound, or kgs. With the ability to measure up to 180 kgs, this appliance has round edges and skid-proof fiber on top. It is backed by the auto on technology that switches it on once the user steps on it. This scale is offered with a graduation increment of 0.01 st / 0.2 lb / 100 grams.

Price: Rs. 799

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7. HealthSense PS 117 Digital Personal Weighing Scale

HealthSense PS-117
This glass-top weighing scale from HealthSense is loaded with the best features and latest technologies to provide precise readings that are trustworthy. It sports an anti-skid surface featuring vinyl blocks in grey to prevent slips and skids even if you step on wet feet. The 6 mm tempered glass on top with shatter and scratch-resistant features makes this ultrathin device with curved edges a durable product. The large LCD with white backlight illuminates with white fonts to facilitate simple reading. It is engineered with 4 G-sensors and step-on technology to assure reliable weight measurements between 5 kg and 180 kg.

Price: Rs. 899

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8. RYLAN Digital Personal Weighing Scale

RYLAN Weighing Scale
The personal scale from Rylan comes in shiny black mirror finish with sleek graphics in white to go well with modern decors. Its body is crafted from sturdy tempered glass with the capacity to hold up to 180 kgs. The suspension of the quad stability pads offers maximum and traction while using it. The rectangular-shaped LCD with the backlit feature can exhibit weight readings in kg or lb. The display screen shows temperature, overload alert, and battery indicator. The automatic off function saves the battery life while not in use for 10 seconds. This digital scale works with Step-on technology to switch on automatically when a person uses it.

Price: Rs. 699

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9. Hesley Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Hesley Weighing Scale
The Hesley digital weighing machine comes with a dimension of 290 X 290 mm, making it an apt choice for urban apartments. This curvy edged scale features the instant step-on technology to give out precise readings instantly. The bright LED screen with red fonts legibly displays the readings. The anti-skid padding at the base holds it firmly to the floor, and its ultra-slim profile helps in portability. It can convert your bodyweight into the stone, pound, or kgs. It is powered by two advanced technologies, such as the 5th Generation G-sensors, with German design and sense gravity zero technology to provide weight readings with a better accuracy rate.

Price: Rs. 909

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10. Agaro WS-503W Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Agaro WS 503W
The weighing machines offered by Agaro are known for their high-end features and latest technologies, which enables them to deliver accurate results. This digital scale with a glass top in white can be a great addition to modern homes. The top cover of this device features a 5 mm thick tempered glass with a non-slip design and rounded corners for safe use. The LCD with black fonts shows the weight readings in any one of the three formats like St, lb or kg. The four sensors with razor-like precision ensure that the results are reliable. Plus, it works with step-on technology and has an auto shut off feature.

Price: Rs. 799

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The list we have compiled here will ensure that you make no mistakes while buying a personal scale. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose a few pounds or trying to improve your overall health, make sure you have a weighing machine as your best buddy. Apart from helping you keep an eye on your body weight, these weighing scales can let you know whether your new diet or workout regime is valid or not.