May 20, 2020

Eight best wireless keyboards in India

By Raman kumar

Wired devices always create a mess when the space on your desk is narrow. Most of us want to handle this situation. When using a wired keyboard and mouse, we hate all the wires on the counter. Well, if it irritates you, please read on to find the best solution.

Though wired and wireless devices have their benefits when playing highly developed games, they also have many confines. For that reason, before considering the selection of wireless options, think about a quick study of how they improve presentation and efficiency levels.

Connectivity (RF/Bluetooth)

You cannot ignore an aspect that the use of radiofrequency receiver or Bluetooth in wireless is complicated. Furthermore, Bluetooth is preferable to RF because it does not require an enthusiastic receiver.


Before choosing any wireless keyboard, check the compatibility. Make sure the combination is well-matched with your game console or regular laptop or PC. Moreover, these are not compatible with windows, seven windows eight, or iOS, due to the availability of combination options.


The most important feature to consider while buying the wireless device is a battery. If the battery is exhausted in the middle, the wireless gaming device may destroy the game. Therefore, choose a wireless keyboard with AA or AAA batteries or power saving.

It is also essential to pick the best wireless keyboard in India.

Therefore, the following is a list mainly selected for you.

Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard:

Logitech is the first choice for computer accessories and tools for most people. MK215 wireless keyboard is top in the list for its quality, connection, and reviews. Keyboard has an elegant appearance and compact design overall, easy to use, and ergonomic structure.

It allows you to type seamlessly with the 2.4Ghz transmission wireless technology. Soft and easy to use keys dedicated to the media hotkeys. This keyboard requires 2 AAA batteries, can provide two years of battery life.

Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard:

Dell is known for its superiority and design-conscious consumer products. We like to mention this keyboard to the second number in our category because of its stylish appearance, design, and comfortable use.

Its fresh, stylish, and astonishing design brings a good look to your desk and system. Keys have a three-part layout that improves work efficiency while typing; quickly start audio or video functions with multimedia short keys. It requires 2 AAA batteries with a life of 12 months and 2.4 GHz wireless interface.

Logitech mk270r Wireless Keyboard:

The next in our list is again the Logitech keyboard Mk270r is a little bigger than MK215. While Logitech Wireless mk270 is not a new product, its flawless performance, larger type space, and more reliable connectivity make it value ranking third in our list.

Its design and satisfactory button-type keys enhance your typing experience with the responsive typing results in fewer errors, including eight hotkeys. It can be easily compatible with almost all systems, with a long battery life of 36 months.

Rapoo X1800 Wireless Keyboard:

The next one is Rapoo X1800 in our category with a leak-free design and its energy-saving technology.

It’s comprehensive economic with ergonomic design multimedia keys allows you to jump you to a specific site. You will experience carefree typing because of splash-proof design. Its latest energy-saving technology extends battery life by 12 months.

Amkette Wireless Keyboard:

Amkette is a real Indian electronic company headquartered in Delhi, Founded in 1986. The company also has another keyboard with similar specifications, but the keyboard can run on Bluetooth. The Amkette WI-Key plus USB wireless keyboard and ranks fifth in our list, a manual with NUMS and CAPS lock indicators.

With the Slim and stylish design, curved buttons make you soft and stable and, of course, capital and numeric indicator. Multimedia key combination and single-key functions help you activate the Internet, mute the volume, and increase or decrease the amount.

Loopan i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard:

Our next entry, we have a very general product. Loopan i8 is not your regular keyboard; it’s hybrid. It is friendly with desktop or laptop and compatible with your android, iOS devices, and smart TVs, making it ranked sixth in our list.

This 2.5 wireless qwerty keyboard with various multimedia keys has an ergonomic design and very easy to sit and carry. The manual also comes with game control keys and a USB interface adapter. High sensitivity multi-finger touchpad with 92 keys, including multimedia and special keys. It has a long term rechargeable lithium battery.

Portronics Wireless Keyboard:

The next one on the list is the Portronics wireless multimedia keyboard. It has compatibility with PCs and laptops but also can attach with smart TVs.

It has a professional design and color scheme with a sturdy structure. Soft keys bring excellent typing experience on this simple keyboard with bright colors and cover the distance of 10 meters with 2.4 GHz wireless interface.

HP 3ML04AA Wireless Keyboard:

So the last one in our category, we have an HP product. The HP 3ML04AA is a wireless keyboard that comes in our list for its incredibly ergonomic build, easily accessible hotkey tray.

Three-zone keyboard with full-size arrow keys and a number pad for better productivity naturally contours with comfortable design. With the LED caps lock indicator company gives us a one-year warranty.