How we work

The scheme works by linking producers to individuals or to buying groups in workplaces, community centres or neighbourhoods. Members can then place an order for any of the products available on the website. The system is designed to allow a high level of flexibility in the quantity and frequency of the orders so that it can match member’s needs.

We encourage members to place recurring orders – this really helps out the producers we are working with, by allowing them to plan ahead, but this is not obligatory. . The food is delivered weekly to the workplace or an agreed address at a specific time. We offer vegetables, eggs, meat and salad, plus special items such as strawberries in season, beer, preserves and cakes. We are committed to increasing our range of produce all the time, as we make contact with producers in and around Carlisle.

We are keen to work with any individuals or workplace or group. We offer training, support and discounts to “buying advocates”, who gather and co-ordinate a group.
We also offer members 20% off if they introduce a friend, or if they order more than £10 of produce every week for 4 weeks or more.

Please take a look at the Producers Page to see who we work with. This list is increasing as more producers join up.

If you are a food producer within 30 miles of Carlisle and not already working with us, we’d like to hear from you!

If you are interested in:

  • Setting up a buying group
  • Supplying produce
  • Having more information about Fair Food Carlisle in general

Get in touch!

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