We have become accustomed to the ease and comparatively low cost of supermarket food. In many cases the true costs of this food are hidden. The waste, environmental damage, impacts on the diversity and number of local producers, and loss of money from the local economy are all difficult to see or assess.

In addition the increasing costs of global food supplies, transport and fossil fuel based fertilisers and pesticides mean that we are vulnerable to rises in supermarket prices, reduced food quality, and the likelihood that our local food producers will be paid less for their produce. Extremes in weather appear to be further amplifying these trends.

We are not suggesting that Fair Food Carlisle can resolve all these issues, but we want to support and celebrate the local producers we already have and provide them with a level of local demand that encourages them to expand their production.

Food production requires specialist skills and we want to encourage young farmers to continue to farm and for other young people to see local food production as a training and employment opportunity.



Brampton Food Network is a Social Enterprise for the benefit of the community, initially funded by the Rural Development Programme England, Cumbria Waste Prevention Fund, Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Community Foundation. We aim to increase the supply and consumption of local, sustainable food.

As well as our work linking local people with local producers, we promote and provide training in home food production, allotment gardening, composting, and community food growing in community gardens and schools.

For more information contact Gareth Thomas on 016977 45022 or bfn(at)



Sustainable Carlisle is a network of people and projects in Carlisle aiming to make our city more sustainable, for ourselves and for following generations. We want to create a peaceful, vibrant, resilient future, based on common sense, ecological wisdom and social justice. We have recently incorporated as an IPS – a ‘co-operative for the benefit of the community’.

For more information contact: Mark Lloyd on 07927970423 or mark(at)





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