Who are the producers and growers?


Tarn Road Nurseries

We are a small Nursery / Garden Centre in Brampton. To supply local people, we have recently turned over nearly 3 acres to growing a range of field vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, parsnips, brassicas and courgettes.

Fair Bakery

seeded bread

Karen’s bread is wholesome and nutritious. It is hand moulded and slow proved and qualifies for The Real Bread logo. Karen only makes only a few kinds and enjoys making bread and sharing it.

Karen’s bread is made by hand and has no unnecessary ingredients. It contains some local organic flour, and most of the other ingredients are organic.


Cochranes Nurseries

We are a small family business, based just outside Longtown, producing tomatoes and strawberries in season. There’s nothing to beat the taste of strawberries and tomatoes picked when truly ripe and in season.


Willowford Farm

Willowford is an organic 100-acre farm near Gilsland, Hadrians Wall runs through the farm. It carries a flock of 80 ewes producing organic lamb for sale. Willowford is also a member of the Hadrian Organics cooperative.


Croft Farm

The Croft is an organic farm of 105 acres, 40 in the village of Houghton just north of Carlisle, the remainder at Armathwaite beside the river Eden.

The organic Pedigree Longhorn cattle raised at The Croft live out all year, in the winter feeding on grass, hay and silage. Geese are raised for the Christmas market. The Croft is also a member of the Hadrian Organics Cooperative.


Rigghead Pork

We have a small herd of Saddleback pigs, who have access to woodland and orchard on our farm at Kirklinton. This traditional breed provide a great tasting pork as a result of their ability to grub and range freely.




Varnycrooks organic Farm is at Bothel near Cockermouth. They supply organic lamb and seasonal vegetables to our cooperative.


Wild and Fruitful

We produce high quality jams, chutneys, marmalades, fruit cheeses, jellies, oils and vinegars, made by hand from local ingredients in Wigton.

Our ideology has been to always use local ingredients. Some are grown in the producer’s garden with the rest coming from private gardens and orchards of local farmers and growers.


Silverlea Farm

Run by the Hughes family they keep Aberdeen Angus cross cattle which give a good conformation combined with a more traditional marbled beef. The farm is certified to Organic Standards but the meat from Silverlea is not butchered in an Organically certified butchery and so is not labelled as Organic. They help supply beef into the FFC scheme.



Slack House Farm, Gilsland.Birdoswald Cheese

Eric and Dianne Horn run Slack House Farm just north of Hadrians wall in Cumbria and a roman road from nearby Birdoswald crosses the fields. The farm has a herd of 30 pedigree Ayrshire dairy cows. Their milk is used to make Slack House Farm’s wonderful Ayrshire cheese which is produced in the on-farm dairy.


The Rooted Pig


We are a new pig business in north Cumbria, Emma has just finished an organic apprenticeship and John has worked on his family farm for many years. We raise Tamworth pigs and some Pietrain crosses to produce the best pork and bacon. The welfare of our animals is one of the most important factors in producing great tasting meat. Our pigs live outdoors where they have space to roam and graze. They are diggers and love to find treats to supplement their diet of crushed barley produced on the farm and at Houghton get vegetable rejects from Eva’s Organics. At Armathwaite they get a bit of milk from our dairy herd when they have been good! They have huts to sleep in on a cold night, bedded with straw, where they sleep in a big piggy pile

Cumberland Honey Mustard

mustard couple

Cumberland Mustard, produced in Alston since 1983, the work and joy of Geoff Cole and Marilyn Avens.

All hand made in small batches to give the freshest taste and greatest care to quality.

All our products are suitable for Hamper firms and we do own label and own recipe service.

Our raspberry vinegar is made with Eden Valley raspberries and is delicious used as a marinade or for vinaigrettes, the ruby fruit is captured in cider vinegar.


Peter Harris

peter harris

Gorgeous tasting honey from organically managed bees hived on Croft Farm by Peter Harris.

The largest jar we offer, you’ll use carefully and not want to return to mass produced stuff!



Thornby Moor Dairy


A British style goat’s cheese with a moist friable texture and a clean, sweet almondy flavour.

Matured in cloth for up to 5 months.

Comes in approximately 250g packs, price varies with size


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