May 25, 2020

Four best English grammar books in India (for competitive exams)

By Raman kumar

Do you know how you can improve your English? If you beginner, you want to learn basics or if you are professional, then you want to improve your English, so here we will discuss some English books based on grammar and easily find in the Indian market.

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English is known as an international language and frequently use all over the world, including India. Even if it is not the mother tongue of our country, we still use it commonly. From bank forms to currency, you can see things written in English everywhere.

To learn the language, it is essential to understand the necessary knowledge. Grammar is one of the fundamental knowledge, and you should grab it confidently. Nowadays, every competitive examination requires English as the primary factor of requirement. Here we are going to mention the best grammar books offered by very distinguished writers.

Best English Grammar Books

High School English Grammar and Composition Book

High school English grammar and essays are written by “Wren and Martin.” Its language is easily accessible for beginners. It has been on the market for many years and has proved its value. This book is an ideal guide for every kind of student because of its detailed knowledge.

This book is not recommended for children but can meet the needs of adults who are a beginner. This book is very beneficial for competitive exams because of its additional information on grammar. This book is not limited to the grammar part, but it covers other aspects also.

It is a self-practice book as well. If you understand the concepts and the context, you can quickly solve the exercises given in this book. For your convenience, you can see an answer key so that you can weigh yourself and correct mistakes. This self-assessment method adopted by the author is a beautiful way to understand language.

English Grammar & Composition

If anyone is looking for an essential grammar book for competitive exams, then we recommend English grammar and composition by S.C Gupta”. Its moderate level and great significance are suitable for job seekers and any competitive examination.

This specialty of this book is that it covers all essential parts of English writing and grammar. It is a plus point for those who are new to this language. This book got specially designed for the exam.

The book has main topics in 69 different chapters, including idioms and phrases, word formation, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, sentence and word verb formation, spelling rules, and many others. Writing topics such as essay writing, report writing, letter writing, email writing, and reading comprehension also included in this book, which is needed almost everywhere.

The contents of this book got written in a straightforward format. All the detailed information provided for each topic makes subsequent operations easy. This book shows about 7000 solved and unresolved problems for understanding.

The grammar and composition in this book introduce various questions that may be asked in multiple exams briefly. This book also provides tips and tricks for solving various problems in a short period.

Descriptive English

Descriptive English is one of the most beautiful books in the market, written by SP Bakshi. It is for all competitive exams and fulfills all your English requirements. The language is easily accessible and best for beginners with basic knowledge.

English has become an essential thing, and you can master this book, and you can prepare to improve your level. This book has four parts. The first part, called Part A, is the writing part. It contains thematic topics such as essay writing, extended writing, and other writing skills. Part B of this book introduces the ability to understand English like comprehension.

Part C contains grammar skills and other grammar-related topics. The last and fourth is Part D, which includes all language skills. Therefore, this book also covers all the essential aspects of language from a competitive point of view. There are also practice tests to enhance your skills and check progress.

Besides, it covers all the topics of current affairs and the general issues, and most important the model of the previous year. The important exams covered in this book include the IFS, CDS, NDS, SSC, and railway exams, as well as the different union and state civil service exams.

Practical English Grammar

This book, written by senior writers such as A.J Thomson and A.V Marrinet, recognized as one of the complete grammar books. Oxford University published this book in 1997. This book stands out because it analyzes essential parts of English in detail.

This book is full of rich vocabulary and gets suggested for professionals. The specific chapters of adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and other parts of speech presented most effectively make it easy.

This book is for higher-level entrance exams. Various expertise tests, such as CAT, GMAT, and other government exams, all take a considerable part of the grammar. Therefore, this book is necessary for job seekers.

There are a variety of unsolved papers and papers from the previous year, and enables students to get high marks in the exam. After the practice, add extra help to improve the vocabulary by describing the keywords.